The sky is the limit with CAE C1

We will guide you through our in-depth course where, should you choose to take the CAE exam, you will gain a high level qualification with world wide recognition. 

  • Reading at a reasonable pace while maintaining the ability to scan for relevant information, understanding more complex texts presented in articles and academic papers.
  • Writing over most styles clearly and concisely, communicating the desired messages effectively. 
  • Maintain conversations for an extended period using abstract ideas, clarify and criticize while employing a good level of tact.
  • Understand nuances and  abstract ideas.


A certificate of Advanced English will show:

  1. ability to sit university level academic courses.
  2. skills of communication at a professional level.
  3. your ability to take part in academic seminars and workplace meetings.
  4. a level of fluent expression has been obtained.