Show your mastery of English - C2

Teachers who are native and have studies specializing in English philology,  will guide your advanced language knowledge to a level of mastery, enabling you to achieve a great level of Proficiency from day one.

  • Reading - understanding ideas of complex written pieces over a range of styles
  • Writing - practical, social and professional topics both abstract and concrete.
  • Speaking - dealing confidently with complex issues, showing effective negotiation and skills in persuasion
  • Listening - understanding a wide variety of forms, styles and registers on highly specialized topics tailored to different audiences.

All classes focus on not only being able to produce, but also being able to understand unpredictable turns of thought and comprehend implicit and inferred information, tone and point of view; as well as display superior ability to develop ideas, arguments and hypotheses.

A certificate of Cambridge Proficiency will :

  1. Show you have an exceptional level of English language mastery.
  2. Prove you have the fluency and sophisticated communicative skills of a highy competent English speaker.
  3. Indicate you are able to study postgradute or PhD programmes and work in senior professional or academic environments.